Kingdom Wives Discipleship Group

The Kingdom Wives discipleship group meets twice a month on every 2nd and 4th Saturday to encourage, equip, and enjoy the fellowship of wives who desire to represent Christ in their marriage and family life.  Each meeting we will focus on biblical lessons learned through the study of scripture and walking through the revised edition of the book Sacred Marriage, by Gary Thomas.  This study group also enjoys group discussions in breakout sessions, testimonies of trials and triumphs by The Real Kingdom Wives, dedicated time for prayer and praise, and special fellowship activities.

Our discipleship objective in the Kingdom Wives group includes being better equipped to Know God through bible study and prayer; Grow in our intimate relationship with God, our husbands, and sisters in Christ; Show evidence of His power in our transformed lives; Go into our various circles of influence to share our stories and make disciples for the Kingdom of God.

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Get Connected

Connect to a strong WiFi signal (recommended) and join the meeting using the button below. If you're using a mobile device or tablet, be sure to download the Zoom  app from your app store.

Get Familiar

Take time to learn how to mute your microphone, turn off your camera, send and read chat messages, raise your hand, and more. Your familiarity with the settings will lead to a better conference experience for all.

Get Camera Ready

We miss your smiling face so we encourage you to turn on your camera. But remember that when your camera is on, you can be seen.  So it possible, find somewhere you can settle and pay attention. If you plan to join the call while on the go or working on things in the background, don't hesitate to just turn your camera off. You will still be able to see the meeting!

Get Involved

This service works best when everyone participates. So prepare to ask questions and share your thoughts in the live chat thread. With dozens of others in the class that also want to participate, this is the best way for everyone to share thoughts without talking over one another. Only answer with your mic if prompted to do so.