Interested in volunteering in our AUDIO/VISUAL Departments?

We are so excited that you have interest in our audio/visual departments!  The visual aspect of spreading the word of God is oh-so important.  Every helping hand is as valuable as the next, no matter how big or small the position entails.  As a team, we help our behind-the-scenes processes, run as smoothly as possible.  We look forward to training you on the position(s) you desire to take part in and working with you to continue our passion of visually serving the Saints  📸

Learn About Each Volunteering Position!

When is comes to filmmaking, designing and marketing, there are many moving parts that help us be successful in executing any given task. Each position compliments the other and allows us to not only work very well individually, but creates a solid team, as a body. Our goal is to be on one accord and create ways to continually improve our processes. We believe you will be a great asset in assisting us in achieving these goals.


A camera operator, or depending on the context cameraman or camerawoman, is a professional operator of a film camera or video camera as part of a film crew.  In filmmaking, the cinematographer or director of photography (DP or DoP) is sometimes called lighting cameraman or first cameraman.  This position would be responsible for operating one of the cameras that is seen on the livestream feed.


Master control is the technical hub of a broadcast operation common among most over-the-air television stations and television networks.  Activities such as switching from camera to camera, managing composition and exposure are a few of the skills you will implement.  This position would be responsible for operating the view of the cameras we see on the sanctuary projectors.


A photographer is a person who makes photographs while a videographer is someone who is responsible for recording live events and small scale video productions.  In this position, you will be given one of our DSLR cameras, allowing you to take pictures AND video clips during any given event or service. This footage can later be used for marketing  purposes & social media posts.


A video switcher is a piece of equipment used to switch between different video or audio sources.  A video switcher is also known as a production switcher or video mixer.  In this position, you will be responsible for overseeing all of our DSLR cameras set up inside the sanctuary and switching between each angle, for a seamless online viewing experience using a powerful software called SlingStudio. 

ProPresenter OPERATOR

ProPresenter is a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) presentation & production application for live events.  It seamlessly displays lyrics, slides, and media, making high-quality live productions easy.  It is the an indispensable tool for our worship gatherings, conferences, and events.  You will be responsible for displaying song lyrics, scripture, Pastor's title and points and other visual elements needed.


Live chat operators respond to answers and requests posed by our congregation of all nature through online platforms via our website, Facebook and YouTube. Online assistance in real time, specifically during a Sunday service, is so very useful.  You would be responsible to provide service through our chat platforms and have the ability to solve inquiries of our congregation via written communication.


Training for ONE or EVERY position you've read about is our goal! Whether you want to become our #1 go-to for a position or you'd rather learn every aspect of how things are running behind-the-scenes, we welcome your desire to learn and serve! During the COVID quarantine, we spent time pre-recording service for a 100% online experience.  Now that we have returned to the sanctuary, our vision is to continue delivering both an online AND in-person experience.  If you're ready to start practicing or getting a refresher on one of these positions and can set aside 30 minutes of your day to do so, we are readily available on Wednesdays from 5-7 PM (by appointment only).  If you are not available during this window, feel free to contact us with a few open days and times you would like to set up a training session. Otherwise, please use the calendar booking scheduler below to lock in a time slot to train!

Rev. Eric Archer, II

Minister of Worship, Strategy & Engagement
With a background in engagement, Rev. Eric Archer II enjoys working directly with our members & volunteers.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in our audio/visual departments and can easily answer any question you have about any given volunteering position!

Candace Clark

Media Coordinator
With a background in media and design, Candace loves the many moving parts of filmmaking, broadcasting, designing and marketing.  As you are trained, her goal is to prepare you to a point that you feel comfortable in your volunteered position, during a LIVE service or event.